It’s time for a senator who supports working people and is not beholden to wealthy donors or party bosses!

It’s time for a senator who supports the residents of the district who worked so hard for independent redistricting!

It’s time for a senator who sees the fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin as a protection, not a taking!

My Positions:

I support school property tax reduction, but not at the expense of working people.

Combined reporting of corporate income is necessary to stop revenue loss through the “Delaware” and other loopholes.

Schools should be equitably funded from the General Fund on a per student basis.

I support voter verifiable paper ballots, open primaries, ranked choice voting and all measures to ensure free, fair and open elections that promote a strong democracy and a healthy community.

I support:

A transition to a 21st century energy policy based on solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power.Healthcare for all of PA

Healthcare for all of PA

A living wage

Legalization of cannabis with regulations identical to those currently in place for alcohol.

Medical marijuana should be available in pharmacies or over the counter like other medications

Hemp as a cash crop for struggling farmers

State Park status for Camp Archbald

Animal rights! Domestic and farm animals need to be treated with respect and dignity.


A conversation with the candidate



John J Sweeney is a member of the Clean Money Squad of Pa https://cleanmoneysquadpa.org He is supporting the passage of the American Anti-Corruption Act.

He has been endorsed by Our Revolution Pa
Action Together NEPA https://www.actiontogethernepa.org
and the Green Party of Pennsylvania https://www.gpofpa.org

John J Sweeney has taken the Political Courage Test and results can be found at Vote Smart https://votesmart.org


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